LQ-S1 Smart Watch Battery-SWB-1001


Capacity:                                              380mAh
Brand Name:                                      Chine
Model Name:                                     LQ-S1
Compatible:                                        LQ-S1
Category:                                         Rechargeable Battery
Battery Cell Composition:              Li-ion Battery

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LQ-S1 Smart Watch Battery-SWB-1001

LQ-S1 Smart Watch Battery is a Genuine replacement battery with comparable standby and talk times. The battery keeps your phone up and working for longer on a single charge. It is brand new, and the 100% lithium-ion battery gives you better performance than you expect.

About this item

  • A 380 mAh battery allows you to store the power necessary to keep your device charged throughout the day.
  • Provide reliable and long lasting power.
  • tested under strict quality control standards.
  • High capacity batteries extend the standby time and talk time.
  • Environment-friendly materials minimise the contamination.

Care Instructions

  • Do not use mobile while charging.
  • Do not overcharge (for the duration of the night).
  • Use Original charger to charge your mobile battery.
  • Do not put your mobile near heat.
  • Charge completely Before Us.

Please follow the care instructions carefully.

The warranty will only work under these conditions.

  • If the battery does not provide enough standby time.
  • If you discover the battery is dead when you first install it,
  • If the battery does not accept charging.
  • If the battery is dead before getting the zero digit,

LQ-S1 Smart Watch Battery-SWB-1001 LQ-S1 Smart Watch Battery-SWB-1001


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